E-Visa Stakeholder sensitization meeting at the Nigerian Embassy

E-Visa Stakeholder sensitization meeting at the Nigerian Embassy Dec 19, 2019, with the representatives of Nigerian Organisations, and stakeholders.


– New visa regime to kick off on the 2nd of January 2020 through the main service provider authorise by the Nigeria Government Online Integration Solution Service (OIS). www.oisservices.com

– For applicants, Biometrics of all travelers who wish to obtain a Nigeria visa will be taken. 

– Every applicant must report themselves at the biometric centre and the biometrics will be embedded on the visa itself. (It is helpful for the enhancement of security, risks amongst others)

– The Biometric service provider Netherlands address are as follows Online Integration Solution Service (OIS) the Nigeria immigration visa service partner. Their office is at Den Haag Central station by OV ticket office, take the escalator or staircase upstairs and you will see Regus Building, then you will see a reception, ask of (OIS) in the Netherlands. A video tutorial can be found on their website on how to make the necessary transaction and process.

– The OIS will be the main agent in charge of the visa services (except issues of urgent services 24hrs services can be done directly at the Embassy)

– The normal visa payment online still continues (108 euros +/- or more depending on the type of visa), however, the biometric services will be taken care of by OIS.

– The fees for taking biometrics for your visa at OIS is 90 euros (flat fee incl VAT).

15 Euros optional fee for those that want to make use of the POS (Advisable to do so online to avoid the fee on spot).

Some of the questions asked are as follow…

How will the data be handled and processed?

– The Nigerian Immigration service is the custodian of the data, it goes to the National Database in Abuja.

– OIS with their partners are the parties that are involved as data processors that handle such on behalf of the Data Controller (Nigeria Immigration).

Is the price a flat fee or specifically for the Netherlands?

Yes, the price is a flat fee introduced and agreed on by the Nigerian Government and the service provider and is competitive in the market.

As earlier stated, these are key highlights from the meeting, and it was prepared to help create awareness to our members, our constituents and partners respectively.

For further inquiries or questions, please visit their website www.oisservices.com or contact the consular section of the Nigeria Embassy. http://nigerianembassythehague.nl/consular


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