Nigeria is a new addition to the CD4D project, forming part of the second phase CD4D 2. This is the first time that IOM the Netherlands has undertaken a project with Nigeria as a focus country.

In line with the priorities of the Government of Nigeria, and within the framework of the national 10th EDF project “Promoting Better Management of Migration in Nigeria” that was implemented between 2012 and 2016, IOM has developed various initiatives in collaboration with NNVS to mobilize highly skilled Nigerian migrants in the diaspora. Some of the initiatives include; the establishment of a system for the registration and mapping of Nigerians in the diaspora to enable the government to secure substantial information on socio-demographic spread, economic characteristics and potential of the diaspora, as well as their willingness to invest in Nigeria.

Chosen Sectors


As the main organization for the Nigerian Diaspora in the Netherlands, IOM has selected NIDO NL as a suitable partner for the implementation and outreach of this project. NIDO NL is a sub-section of the European wide organization NIDOE.


Please check the General Requirements at the CD4D website before applying. 

The duration of assignments is open to negotiation with to respect to any prior obligations of potential participants (i.e. current employment). In some cases there is a possibility to split into several shorter assignments