Organisation Overview

Organisational Structure

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) is the official umbrella organisation facilitated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to represent the interests of all Nigerians in the Diaspora. It has the mission to facilitate and galvanise the human and economic resources of individual Nigerians and all Nigerian professional, business and community organisations in the Diaspora towards the national development of Nigeria.

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation-Europe-The Netherlands (NIDOE-NL) is the national Diasporan organisation for Nigerians in The Netherlands with the mandate to promote the welfare of the Nigerian Diaspora and pursue national development through advocacy, networking, partnerships, and bilateral cooperation. In doing so, NIDOE-NL leverages its enormous numerical strength and offers an excellent platform through which Nigerians and their partners channel their activities to Nigeria.

General Assembly:

  • Executive Committee
  • General Board
  • Advisory Board
  • Committee Nigerian Businesses
  • Committee Nigerian Migrant affairs
  • Committee Nigeria NGOs/CSOs
In pursuance of National Development